“World first Self Driving E-commerce Platform”


    “Diyo offers a suite of easy to use tools and services which can help the user take control of his/her Daily Life”.


    “Diyo empowers individuals & small businesses to grow and seize the opportunities of the digital economy”.


    “Diyo brings amazing opportunity for college students, young professionals, house wives to work as area manager from mobile phone and earn decent income”.


  • Create To-dos, Notes ,Habits
  • Monitor daily Health & Wealth.
  • Read local news, newspapers, magazines
  • Listen to live music & radio.
  • Watch movies and live television.
  • Play instant multi player online games (card, board, word games) with computer or with friends.
  • Share inter and intra city rides, book bus and flight tickets easily.
  • Pay utility bills such as prepaid mobile bills, postpaid bills and DTH bills easily.
  • Order groceries, fruits & vegetables, food , fresh meat & medicines with easily.
  • Request array of services includes home services, automobile services, creative services and company services instantly.


  • Create shop or service storefront instantly.
  • Take online orders.
  • Collect online payments.
  • Engage with your customers.


  • Verify sellers & service providers in your pincode.
  • Monitor all the orders in your pincode.
  • Get 2 % of total revenue of your pincode as income.



“Diyo is a lightweight app which offers a suite of easy to use tools which can help the user take control of his/her Daily Life.”
“Diyo empower individuals & small businesses to grow and seize the opportunities of the digital economy.”



    Diyo Assistant helps in managing everyday activities by helping in following habits in timely manner, creating notes and to -dos


    Diyo Media brings infotainment to new dimension by bundling together newspapers, magazines, cricket entertainment, music, radio, movies,

  • gAMES

    Diyo Games brings games like Yaniv, Hex, Chess, 15-Puzzle, 2048, that can be played with computer or online with friends. A player can also check his

  • Travel

    Diyo Travel lets to share inter and intra city rides, book buses and flights easily


    Diyo Pay helps to make timely payment for utility bills such as prepaid mobile bills, postpaid bills and DTH bills easily

  • Wallet

    Diyo Wallet has three segments -Main balance, bus balance for booking bus tickets and flight balance to be used for booking flight tickets

  • Shops

    Diyo Shops provides opportunity for seller to set up their online shop and sell products to the end customers directly.

  • Grocery

    Diyo Grocery brings local nearby grocery shop in to the online platform where the customer gets the trust of nearby shops…

  • Food

    Diyo Food makes food ordering easy by bringing small and local eateries and food joints and restaurants to the digital space and make…

  • Medicine

    Diyo Medicine makes it possible to order medicines online by simply uploading the medical prescription or listing the names

  • Creative Services

    Creative services such as content writing, branding, graphics, video making, digital marketing, etc are provided by Diyo

  • Company Services

    Incorporation services of companies, registration and compliance, legal documentation, and intellectual property rights services are

  • Education Services

    Diyo Edu makes helps students of secondary and grad level with useful videos of CBSE curriculum, Engineering,

  • Home Services

    Home services helps customers find personnel for repair and maintenance work for houses like plumbing, etc.

  • Automobile Services

    Automobile services by Diyo provides for easy access to all automobile related services and repairs.

  • Rental

    Rentals is a feature in the Diyo app that provides for renting out vehicles by the vehicles owner and the same

  • Bank

    Diyo brings DlyoBank which provides all thefacilities provided by a bank easily accessible through

Diyo Daily

Diyo Helps You to Manage and Simply your daily life.

  • Todos

    Create & Maintain Daily Notes/Todos/Checklists/Tasks

  • Live TV/Radio

    Watch Live TV & Listen to Radio.

  • Health

    Monster your Daily Health Data.

  • Habits

    Keep Track of Daily Habits.

  • News

    Read News Papers and Magazines.

  • Money

    Record & View Insights of Daily Expenses.

Diyo Digital

DIYO connects multiple industries and provides digital services.

  • Travel

    Book flights, hotels, buses and cabs.

  • Bill Payments

    Pay mobile, dth, datacard and electricity bills.

  • Mall

    Purchase the items from Diyo Mall Retailers & get cash back.

  • Education

    Choose the class and course watch video lesson.

  • Banking

    Select the city, bank & Branch avail the banking services.

  • Shops

    Platform to create shops instantly based on category and sell the items.

Diyo Games

Play games instantly with your friends.

  • 15-Puzzle

    Place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use empty space.

  • Hex

    Establish an unbroken chain with the own pieces connecting the two sides of the board marked with the own colour.

  • Yaniv

    To have 7 points or less in the sum of your cards:

  • 2048

    Slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them to create a tile with the number 2048.

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Diyo builds Applications & Smart devices to simplify everyday life.


To become Market Leader in  e-commerce, hyperlocal,on demand & gig services.


To create 1 million direct/indirect jobs by 2025 all over india.

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